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Affinity Group Connections

A group of alumni who come together because of a common bond, such as mutual professional interest or a shared student experience, is considered an affinity group.

50 Year Club
Upon the 50th anniversary of an alum’s graduation from Rensselaer, they automatically become members of the prestigious 50 Year Club. Contact alumni@rpi.edu or (518) 276-6205 for more information, or visit the Club’s Web page.

RPI Alumni Disability Alliance
The RPI Alumni Disability Alliance serves alumni who identify as people with disabilities, and as allies supporting the empowerment of people with disabilities. The Alliance facilitates networking and social opportunities among its members and with the student body. The Alliance shares information and resources to foster greater access and opportunity on campus, in the workplace, and in communities, and aims to improve the community inclusion and academic achievement of students with disabilities. Thus, the alliance shares information and resources with the Office of Student Life, including Disability Services for Students. The Alliance also facilitates mentoring and networking between alumni and students who identify as people with disabilities and as allies. For information, contact Scott Michael Robertson '03 at drscottmrobertson@gmail.com. Please specify whether you identify as an alumnus/ae with a disability, or as an ally.

Alumni Inter-Greek Council
The AIGC was formed as a committee of the RAA to foster the overall improvement of the Rensselaer Greek community and to enhance the welfare of Rensselaer and society.Visit the AIGC Web site for more information.

Athletic Affinity Groups
Alumni Relations partners with athletic teams by providing services and helping to plan activites. Click here to view all the athletic affinity groups, or contact Peter Pedone at pedonp@rpi.edu or (518) 276-6061.

If you have an interest in networking with others in the biotech industry, or in working with students majoring in biotech, contact Raj Bawa '90 at bawa@bawabiotech.com, or Kathy Kinsey at kinsek@rpi.edu or (518) 276-2832.

Building Trades
The Rensselaer Building Council was formed to foster professional communication among members, create a forum for continuous learning about building industry initiatives, and enrich the relationship between Rensselaer and its alumni. For more information, contact Joe Sziabowski ’88 at jsziabowski@addinc.com or Kathy Kinsey at kinsek@rpi.edu or (518) 276-2832.

Game Developers
Each year, alumni involved in game development and software gather in Silicon Valley for a Conference and alumni event. For more information, contact Kathy Kinsey at kinsek@rpi.edu or (518) 276-2832.

Graduate Alumni
Special programming is provided for graduate alumni, for both Troy and Hartford campus degree holders. For more information, contact Susan Haight at haighs@rpi.edu or (518) 276-6042, or visit the Web site.

Alumni Relations partners with Greek organizations to provided services and help plan activities.  Click here to learn more, or contact Geoff Seber at seberg@rpi.edu or (518) 276-2324.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allied Alumni Association
This group serves alumni who choose to identify as LGBT or as allies for the purpose of facilitating networking and social opportunities with each other and with current students; sharing information collectively, which could result in increased job opportunities and shared ideas of how to improve the workplace and campus environment; working with the Rensselaer Pride Alliance to help influence change on the Rensselaer campus and to mentor and support current students; and to provide a major social service to those alumni that are looking for resources on how to deal with coming out in the workplace or who are going through the coming out process at a later stage in their life. For more information contact Chaz Goodwine '13 at gwine.chaz@gmail.com, or visit the Rensselaer Pride Alliance at http://rpa.union.rpi.edu or Greek Spectrum at http://greekspectrum.union.rpi.edu.  If you wish to join this affinity group and receive information about upcoming events and activities, click here.

Music Groups
If you were a member of one of the many music groups - Glee Club, Pep or Marching Band, Orchestra, Rensselyrics, Symphony Band, etc. – and would like to be included in the next music alumni gatherings, email Peter Pedone at pedonp@rpi.edu. Send your name, class year, and the music group(s) that you participated in.

Muslim Students Alumni Association
The RPI Muslim Students Alumni Association (MSAA) provides a forum where alumni may remain involved with the RPI Muslim Students Association, meet other Muslims, and plan/implement activities in which they are interested on a local level. The activities conducted by the MSAA reflect various aspects of the organization: the spiritual (special prayers, Qu'ran study groups), the social (attending a basketball game, going out to dinner with other alumni), the philanthropic (clean up parks, tutor local students), and more (helping our alma mater by mentoring college students, providing advice when necessary for MSA). Providing such a forum is necessary for alumni to not only continue to build their skills, but also to utilize them in order to become more contributing members of society at large. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Rami Santirisi '06 at rami@santrisi.com with your full name and e-mail address

Phalanx Honor Society
Phalanx alumni are invited to visit the Phalanx Honor Society Web site for the latest news and information about Phalanx, White Key, Who’s Who, and David M. Darrin ’40 Counseling Award.

Rensselaer Rugby Alumni Association
Primarily this association will strive to contribute ideas and opportunities that will enhance the relationship between alumni and active players while creating favorable environments for successful fundraising efforts to support the RPI Rugby Football Club. In addition, we hope to create a lifelong community of RPI rugby alumni players by providing opportunities to feed their competitive spirit and play with the men's and women's sides of the RRAA in various tournaments throughout the year. Our goal is to provide continued playing experiences for all players, financial backing for the current active club, and networking opportunities for the entire family of the RPI Rugby Football Club. Visit the website at http://rpirugbyalumni.com, or for more information, contact Eugene Aiken '04 at gene@rpirugbyalumni.com.

Technology Law and Commercialization Professionals (TLC)
Network with other alumni in patent law, intellectual property, and licensing fields.  The group was recognized with a Seal of Excellence Award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. Be sure to visit Rensselaer’s Office of Technology Law and Commercialization Web site to find out more about intellectual property commercialization at Rensselaer. Contact Susan Haight at haighs@rpi.edu or (518) 276-6042 for more information about the TLC group.