Rensselaer Music Association
Keep the Music Alive


Due to age, wear and tear and other factors, all of the pianos at Rensselaer are in need of some type of maintenance.  Donations to repair the pianos on campus will ensure that students can continue to explore their creativity and musical talent.

What You're Supporting

If you’ve spent any time in the Student Union, you’ll likely have memories of being serenaded by a 100 year-old Steinway piano.  The Rensselaer Music Association owns eleven pianos total, and at any given time of day, students across campus are using those pianos to express their love of music and the arts. 

Why Support Us

Pianos are not only accessible for student use, but are also used for concerts and recitals across campus by a number of music groups.  The cost of maintaining and repairing each piano is high, and collectively, exceeds the RMA’s budget. Some of the pianos date back more than one hundred years, and each tells a special story of the history of music and arts education at Rensselaer.

About the Organization

The Rensselaer Music Association (RMA) was formed in the early 1990s.  The mission of the RMA is to support and advance our student music groups at RPI through the management of facilities, scheduling, and equipment.  We are currently comprised of many student ensembles on campus, as well as Troy community members and alumni.  For more information, please visit the RMA website.