Society of Women Engineers

Aspire, advance, achieve!

RPI Society of Women Engineers hopes to create a stronger community for graduate women at Rensselaer.  Currently female undergraduate students have a number of resources designed to facilitate networking with other women on campus.   However, there is a void when it comes to the events catered toward the unique needs and interests of graduate students.  There is much support for graduate student SWE involvement from the Society at a higher level, and there are already a handful of successful graduate student groups at SWE sections across the country.  The Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE) plans to work with these students to better understand how they are supported financially and how they have structured their leadership.

This project is essentially a kick-start for creating a closer graduate community for women at RPI.  There is already increased involvement from graduate members at traditional SWE events such as outreach to local children, and GradSWE hopes to provide a venue for continued involvement.   It is not necessary to separate undergraduate and graduate women; rather both would like to see more of each other.  This is an opportunity to create informal mentorships to help those who are interested in graduate school and for all to network.

Help build connections

GradSWE seeks to strengthen the graduate community at RPI, particularly among women. Donations will fund educational events such as C.V. building and finance management, as well as social events to help women network and develop interpersonal relationships with one another in a predominantly male environment.  GradSWE members will have the opportunity to teach young girls about STEM, exchange trades, learn skills to help them succeed academically, raise awareness of issues faced by women in engineering and the science, and create lifelong friendships.

Your donation is important to fund events that will support a stronger graduate community and provide support to women on campus. Additionally, a portion of funds will be used for conference attendance, discounts on national SWE memberships, and other expenses to help graduate women develop professionally.

About the organization

The International Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950, designed to serve as a center of information on women in engineering and professional achievement.  The RPI section was chartered in 1975 and has been an outstanding section ever since.  RPI SWE has won Outstanding Gold collegiate section three out of the past five years, and has received multiple societal awards each year.  For more information, please visit the RPI SWE website.