See how your gifts have already made a difference!

Ballroom Dance Club – Floor Upgrade 2014


The Ballroom Dance Club applied to weR Gold seeking to upgrade their outdated, and sometimes dangerous, floor. Upon hearing about the application, The Rensselaer Union offered to partner with our generous weR Gold donors and fund a portion of the project. Together, project donors and the Rensselaer Union were able to provide the funds necessary to complete the overhaul. With work done over the spring and summer, the new floor installation was complete in January.

On January 29, 2015, the Ballroom Dance Club celebrated the completion of the project by unveiling the new floor to the Rensselaer community.

Engineers for a Sustainable World – Biodiesel Project 2014

Following the completion of their weR Gold fundraising campaign in 2014, the ESW Biodiesel team has been working hard to make their dream of a cleaner Rensselaer a reailty.  In November, ESW was awarded a $6,500 grant through the NY Pollution Prevention Institute in Rochester, NY. They’ve also been finalizing the location of their facility, and purchased equipment for a bench scale test. They have completed much of the research and development that they needed at the lab scale.

In addition to the partnership with NY Pollution Prevention Institute, ESW has also strengthened their partnership with Sodexo, the main oil provider, and are in conversations with other local biodiesel producers, which will allow them to model or purchase some of their batch processors and other equipment. The group has also traveled to visit existing facilities, and are currently considering purchasing or producing their own reactor.

For more information on Rensselaer’s ESW Chapter, find them on Facebook.

You can also follow the NY Pollution Prevention Institute on their Facebook page.

RPI Clothes Closet – 2013

As one of the first projects featured on weR Gold, the RPI Clothes Closet was met with much success. A joint venture from the Rensselaer Union and Center for Career and Professional Development, in 2012 the closet was just an idea. Thanks to generous Rensselaer donors, the RPI Clothes Closet was established in 2013 and designed to enable students to represent themselves professionally without having to purchase an extensive wardrobe.

Donors contributed to the project and the original goal was quickly exceeded. Funds assisted with the renovation of the space (DCC 252), purchasing clothing racks, and will assist with purchasing more clothes to replenish the closet. The RPI Clothes Closet was established with weR Gold funds, and served more than 20 students in September 2013 for the Career Fair. Students have reported the RPI Clothes Closet is incredibly helpful, setting them up for success when meeting with prospective employers without breaking the bank.

The Clothes Closet accepts gently used or new professional attire. For more information about the project or donating professional wear, please contact John Killings, Rensselaer Union or Meaghan Johnson, Center for Career and Professional Development. 

Design/Build/Fly – 2013

Although Design/Build/Fly fell shy of their goal, funds that were raised proved vital to their success in last year’s competition. By April 2013, Design/Build/Fly was completely out of funds for the year and still needed important parts to their plane (including servos, which control the deflection of the rudder, ailerons essential to flight, and motors that power the propellers) before going to the competition.  “Luckily we were able to resort to the weR Gold program to finish building our plane,” said Design/Build/Fly President Daniel Serino ’14. “If it were not for this opportunity and the generosity of our alumni, we would not be able to claim our success.”

At the competition in Tucson, Arizona, D/B/F made RPI proud finishing in 3rd place (out of 81 teams) utilizing their first blended wing body design. This semester D/B/F has been diligently meeting for next year’s competition and has already completed the conceptual design. By the end of the semester they plan to have all sub-systems fully prototyped. At the 2014 competition they hope to again place in the top five. If you’d like to support D/B/F in their efforts this year, please use this link to make a donation to the club. Check out their video above to see a quick recap of their activity in 2013.

Engineers Without Borders – 2013

Another one of the inaugural projects to be featured on weR Gold, Engineers Without Borders is on a mission to change the world. They were also able to exceed their fundraising goal, not only benefiting Rensselaer students, but also expanding their global reach and benefiting those in the community of Isla Popa II. From EWB:

 “The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute chapter of Engineers Without Borders is very grateful for the support of weR Gold during the ongoing efforts of our project. Our goal is to develop and implement a rainwater catchment system for the community of Isla Popa II – a small island community located in Bocas del Torro, Panama. Due to the lack of clean drinking water, the community experiences health problems such as kidney pains, skin lesions, dehydration, diabetes, and severe headaches.

With the help from the funds raised through weR Gold, we were able to send a travel team of 5 students to Isla Popa II in August 2013. There, the team collected data needed to design a lasting and fully-functioning rainwater catchment system. They took sit measurements, researched prices of local materials, and college soil and wood samples for strength testing. In addition, the team met with community members to receive feedback and discuss financial and implementation plans. The trip took us one step closer to building and installing catchment systems on the roofs of the community and improving the health of the people.”