I am thrilled you have taken this time to check out weR Gold.  We have an extremely talented student body, and as alumni, this is a new, grassroots way for us to contribute to new projects and ultimately bring student ideas to reality.  

As alumni – and particularly young alumni – we are asked to give back to RPI, and it can be difficult to imagine how our modest donations are meaningful.  Even more to the point, when we are considering any charitable donation, an increasing number of us are focused on advancing a cause rather than helping any particular institution.  I think the weR Gold project enables us to do just that:  give back directly to the student experience and keep the vast opportunities that we had going strong.   

I give to RPI because I loved my time as a student.  I give because it has an immediate impact.  And I give to weR Gold because it benefits our students directly, in a fun, unique way.  

As a supporter of Rensselaer, and the young alumni co-chair of the Annual Giving Leadership Council, I hope you will consider these current projects and pledge your support.

Let’s Go Red!

Donald F. Pendagast III ’07
Young Alumni Co-Chair, Annual Giving Leadership Council