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Rensselaer Class Reunions

Class Reunions take place in the fall, during Reunion & Homecoming weekend. Become involved in your Class Reunion efforts, and reconnect and network with fellow classmates along the way. You can take part in planning programs for your class that are meaningful, educational and interesting.

Specific Reunion committee opportunities:
  • Reunion committee - class or affinity.
    1. Reunion Chair - This individual should be a leader - someone capable of overseeing the various responsibilities of the Reunion Committee. The Reunion chair, along with the networking chair, is responsible for inviting classmates to join the Reunion Committee and getting the planning process started. It's beneficial, although not required, that the Reunion Chair be able to return to campus several times during the two-year period before the class Reunion. The ultimate success of the weekend resides with the Chair. The chair will also:
      1. appoint any necessary subcommittees and follow up on their progress.
      2. meet deadlines for printing and mailings.
      3. coordinate the work of all class volunteers.

    2. Reunion Vice Chair - The Reunion vice chair works closely with and shares the responsibility for planning the next Reunion with the Reunion chair. This person will assume the responsibility for completing or delegating all requirements when the chair is unable to do so.

    3. Networking Chair - The networking chair will be the keeper of the information, as well as the key person to identify and establish a networking strategy to contact and interact with the greatest number of classmates. The networking chair also will encourage classmates to attend regional phonathons which are great ways to recruit additional volunteers and to inform the class about the programs.The Networking Chair will also:
      1. receive and subsequently disseminate printouts/electronic files of class members from the Office of Alumni Relations (A waiver must be signed before information is shared).
      2. delegate responsibilities to a networking committee in an effort to contact and involve the greatest number of classmates as possible prior to Reunion & Homecoming.

    4. Class Correspondent to Alumni Magazine - The class correspondent is recruited by the alumni news editor in the Office of Communications. This position is ongoing and is not selected in direct relation to Reunion. However, the Reunion connection and responsibilities are extremely important. Class Notes is a great way to generate interest in the Reunion and get news out to classmates. For more information, contact Meg Gallien at gallim@rpi.edu.

    5. Nominations Chair - In accordance with the procedures adopted by the Rensselaer Alumni Association, alumni officers are elected at each five-year Reunion. A nominations chair is selected by the Planning Committee at its first meeting. The chair will:
      1. recruit at least two other classmates to assist with the preparation of a slate of nominees.
      2. review the election options available to your class in the elections section of this handbook and share this information with the other committee members.
      3. discuss interest in continuing in office with current officers.
        solicit names of potential nominees.
      4. divide names among committee members to determine interest.
      5. be prepared to present a slate of nominees at the Saturday class dinner (who have agreed to serve) for the elected positions or to fit the option suitable for your class.
      6. conduct the election, which is part of the program at the class dinner.

    6. Web Volunteer - The Web Volunteer is the newest addition to the Reunion Planning Committee. The Web leader serves in a key role, and should be willing to visit other class websites to learn how to best present the class on the Internet. This position should be held by someone willing to stay active for a number of years, providing consistency to the site and therefore, building reliability of information-both before, during and after the Class Reunion. In addition, the Web Volunteer:
      1. works with Alumni Relation web manager to set up class website.
      2. maintains the class site.
      3. receives updates from class reunion chair and the Alumni Relations Staff in order to keep information current on the system.
      4. keeps current on all class and reunion publications and information, as well as continued interactions with the Class Correspondent to assure consistency of message.
  • Reunion Class Gift committee
  • Develop class or affinity reunion webite
  • Reunion class leadership

If you are interested please fill out the volunteer form here. You may also contact Kathy Kinsey, program director, at kinsek@rpi.edu.
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